Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Fairytales: Making you Believe

That feeling you get when a watch a superb chick flick, believing that everything is beautiful, believing that there is a prince charming for you out there. Well that is they are called fairytales, they are for fairies and fairies are not real.
Fairytales, chick flicks destroy your feels and extract your reality. But there is nothing wrong in believing in a doctrine where everything is better. It works everytime. Like even though Augustus died, Hazel got her happy ending, she got the love she could cherish forever. See what I mean?

I don't  mind believing in happy endings once in a while. If hope is all I need then why not get it from diffrent means. Someone once said that no one is ever to old to believe in fairytales because if it's not happy then it is not the end.

So why not give happy endings a chance huh? Why not just walk down the untaken road and hope that there will be a pot of gold waiting for you. Lets chances, lets enjoy the journey, lets live the life to the fullest and lets prove to this world that everyone can get a happy ending. And worry not, everyone has their fairy godmother and she will always be there to help you.

PS article inspired by a song Miracles Happen by Myra

LOL have been suffering from a writer's block lately.

PPS and yeah if you think I make hypocrite remarks then just remember I am a teenager, we often suffer from mood swings.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

This World depends on Hope

In my introduction, I've written that I like fantasy more than reality. Well, that's true. I don't like this reality so I would trade anything for a fantasy life. Fantasy gives you hope. It's not like our life. Society won't judge you there and even if you do something wrong, redemption will be accepted there. Redemption in our world doesn't work. You cannot undo the done, society will percieve you yhe way they want to. Pencil impressions stays on the paper even after you erase it. People are materialistic and shrewed because meliorism requires effort .Trust me I've been there and thus i've lost all my hope. All these cynical people cancel out my optimism. Alas! I've no optimism left now.
No one undersands me, no one gets me and yet here Iam whining about it on my blog. What an irony!
So here Iam giving hope one more chance, hoping that whoever is reading this would get me.
And yeah, I still want to trade my life for a fantasy land where everything and everyone is perfect. But as Hannah Montana says nobody is Sammy why should you get a perfect life? This world  depends on hope right? :)

Dear hope, "I hope" you find me. Xx

Identity crises

When we were kids, we never knew who is going to be our best and who is going to be our arch enemy. When we reached our pre teen, we started categorizing people as friends, close friends, best friends. But you are sixteen, we have one best friend, few close friends some people we hate.
Well I'm sixteen and defying the laws of high school stereotype. I'm sixteen, I have no best friend, no close friend, no boyfriend, no enemies. I never really believed in the word "friend". Friendship always seemed a vague topic to me. Is necessary for a sixteen year old girl to have friends? Because i'm doing fine without them.
Am I a loner? No, I still manage to quench my social thirst with a few drops. Fack! I think I'm just blabbering.
Alright the thing I'm not able to open myself in front of people. Feel like there is still one girl hiding who wants take off hee veil and get out but world is not giving chance to her. Iam more than this. I wish there was a person who knew the real me, a person with whom I would't be afraid to be myself. I guess it all needs time, I guess want to be more than this and maybe I'll be.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Dramione Fanfiction recs

Hey everybody, I'm a big Potterhead AKA someone who's obssesed with Harry Potter, so I thought I'll give you some fanfiction recs.
I've been reading Dramione (Draco/Hermione) fanfics for over a year and it's my #1 OTP (one true pairing)
Generally I read post-hogwarts era or AU because I like redeemed Draco more. I like fluff and little bit smut. Dark angsty fics are not on my favorite list but appreciate good writing.
I've organized them website wise to make it easy for y'all.
Here are my favs-

Little fragile toys- Bex-chan
Silhouettes- Bex-chan
Graveyard valentine- Bex chan
Fourth time's a charm- hocruxnumber8 ( read it like more 20 times)
How we imagined light- hocruxnumber8 ( you can search her as atlanta84 on Hawthrone and Vine)
Missed Connections -Unseenlibrarian
Viva la Vegas - RZZMG
An affair to remember - RZZMG
Reunions - RZZMG
Japanese Blossoms -inadaze22
Water and Dirt - luckei1
Meus Contraho- CurosityKills ( well this a collection of around 40 one-shots. Always fun to read) ( Hawthrone and Vine)
One Wild Night- Akashathekitty
The Grotto - bunney
Black Magic Sacrifice- xfsista
Introduce people with a thoughtful detail- Captainraychil

Multi- chaptered fics- ( all can be found on )
Simply irresistible- bookworm1993
A wonderful Caricature of Intimacy- Countess of Abe
Once upon a thyme - zensho
Promise me Love- JodieLove
She's just not that into you- BelleOfSummer ( okay Hermione is little bitchy here but Draco is uber sexy)
When love and hate collide- RZZMG
Dancing in Charade of Greeks- RZZMG
Bus Stop - Marmlade Fever
Isolation - Bex-chan

My favorite Dramione writers-
Bex- chan
( they are pretty popular you can google them)

Phew! don't ask me how I compiled this.
Please comment your favorite fics and we can discuss dramione and fangirl over Draco.

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I'll Follow ya!

I recieved very positive views about my blog, so I've decided I won't delete it.
Since you guys have been very nice I want to show my gratfullness. Comment your blog URL and I'll follow it, review it and bla bla bla.
I promise to active now because I just downloaded the Blogger app.

Sucks being a New kid

Hi, it's been a while since I posted so here Iam with one more juicy story about my life. *claps cheers*
Okay, so here it is. I recently transfered to new school and I'm in 11th grade. I mean who the fuck changes school in 11th? well that moron is me yay!
Do you want to know how it is? Fucking boring I say. Iam as anonymous as Iam here.yeah, It sucks being a transfer student. But as my Mom says everything has its own pros and cons. Pros, you get a clean slate you get a chance to start from the begining. Cons, you have to start everything from the begining. Sometimes I get very nostalgic feels. I mean c'mon when you were that troublemaker last bench kid and then you look at the boys in your class, nostalgia reaches its pinnacle. Friends? I've some friends, those pretty sweet girls...they are nice. Boys? no cute guys that I know and well they don't seem to like me very much. Iam not that ugly.
The only thing I like here is my Maths teacher. I've always aced biology and Maths was kinda in my weak zone. But here I seem to enjoy maths. Damn it! I feel like Charlie from Perks of being a Wallflower which means I should get my Sam soon and maybe a gay friend too?
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about my old friend. Well they dont want to contact so why should I?
And yeah thats pretty much it.
I'll keep you guys updated as soon as I spot a cute guy :)