Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Fault in our Stars: Why I hate it?

so while writing this post I'm crying, why I'm crying?
I just finished watching "the Fault in our Stars". And I'm speechless right now, I can't even put my words on this blog, why they do this to us?
THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, the only fiction book which has made me cry, but now the third movie too which has made my eyes shed liters.
Spoilers ahead- read at your own risk
He wasn't supposed to die goddammit! They were supposed to be together' they were supposed to have an infinity. He taught her to live, He taught her how to see this world with a new light' he was supposed to be with her "always". They were star-crossed lovers after all right?
Augustus Waters, not like any other person, he not only lives but LIVES actually. " I'm thankful for little infinity"? ASDFGHJKL
*sobs* they were supposed to be together for heaven's sake!!!!!!!
John Green fuck you!
now just like Hazel, I wanna ask you too. What happens to Hazel after he dies? Does she start a support group like Patrick? gets married to Issac? dies at 25? publishes her novels? or just lives because Gus would've wanted that, because that's what Jack told to Rose.
John Green you owe me some answers! Or else I'll curse you like Peter van Houten.
A girl whose life got destroyed by stupid book.
and Augustus Waters' other lover.

12 Random Questions

Okay so my friend Ashima came up with this game "My 12 Random Questions" and asked me to post this, well here you gName a dream of yours that you want to be true.
Dream? what dream are we talking about. Alright I wanna become an oncologist and have to most Dramatic love story.

2.which is the best James bond movie ?? ( and why)
-Die Another Day, Peirce Brosnan, need I say more?

3. Describe your lover ? ( physical appearance  and personality both)
-Alright this one is my fave. He should be taller than me, nice hair, prefers harry potter, likes my black t-shirts and could joke with me and at at the same time be all sexy and romantic. Maybe the one who sweep me off my feet in one glance ;)

4. A song that a deep impact on you.
- Stop Crying your heart out by Oasis.

5. A book that you like so much that you force people to read it , and if they don't , you'll become Freddie( nightmare of elm street ) in order to do so.
-Kissing snowflakes by Abby Sher and The fault in our stars by John Green.

6. Name five youtubers that you love
Pewdiepie, Dan, Phil, Joey Graceffa, Marcus Butler

7. Your " heal me I'm love/ study sick" food
- Berry juice and chocolate cornflakes, anytime or rather any Sunday Morning breakfast my Mom makes.

8. Movies that you have seen more than five times.
All Harry Potter movies, Win a date with Tad Hamilton, A cinderella story, 27 Dresses.

9. Compare five Hollywood hottest movie actors ( male and female) and five worst actors.
Same for musicians too
Brandon Routh and Christian Bale
Emma Watson
Ian Somerhalder
Leonardo Dicaprio
Emma Stone
Jesse Eisenberg

Kim Kardarshian( Although I love her game)
Demi Lovato
Miley Cyrus
Nicki Minaj
Iggy Azela

10. Name five things that you hate and love the most in your friend/ homie .... ( it could be feel free)
- I love everything about everybody, so I never had to make up any 'hate qualities' list

11. Five ships ( couples) from shows and books that you want should be together in real life
- Draco and Hermione
Sherlock and John
Damon and Elena
Ash and Misty
Augustus and Hazel :'(

12. Love or lust ?Which one is better in your opinion
Love is itself is boring so Love with a tinch of lust.

Happy? Stay there i have my 12 random questions coming up.

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Random post in the mid of exams

Hi amigos! Apologies for not being an active blogger, well I am not Jenna Hamilton you see.
But it's quite ironical that I'm updating my blog right now and I have my Biology midterms tomorrow. Why always leuisure becomes "pleasure" when you have to study? xD
I'm sorry that I cannot reply to all the comments and the nominations which has been going. I will though, after a week or so. I swear on my Divergent books okay?

Till then wish me luck, Tangled people. ;)
And yeah, please please follow me on G+ please! i'll follow you back.

Laters. ;) (I hope you got the refrence, no? alright)