Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Definitive Ranking of Taylor Swift's 1989 Songs

Iam a huge Swiftie, so I downloaded Taylor's new album 1989 and thought of ranking the songs.
In an interview Taylor stated that Red has been all exprimental and it was about which tunes to include in the next album. Well, considering 1989 it is a huge transition from country to pop. She has gone from innocent hopless girl in love from Speak Now to the strong lady out there in 1989.
Here, are my rankings

13) I Wish You Would- too much synth pop, sometime her vocals seem to fade away with the music.

12) This Love- Appearantly its the only song Tay wrote herself on this album, but its too boring.

11) How To Get A Girl- Too much bubblegum pop for me.

10) Welcome to New York- Nashville girl meets the city lights. However the song doesn't seem to speak to me.

9)Clean- Comparitvly a better song with such poetic lyrics.

8)Out of The Woods- So I heard this song was about Harry Styles, either way I like it.

7)Bad Blood- A strong song with strong vocals, You don't wanna mess with Tay Tay.

6) I know places- this cool upbeat song reminds me so much of Divergent and Hunger Games or even Maze Runner.

5) Wildest Dreams- a dark and romantic song which certainly tells Taylor is not the Romeo Juliet girl anymore.

4)All you had to do was Stay- Okay I love this.

3) Shake it Off- One one of her best songs so far.

2) Blank Space- I love the quircky fun lyrics and tune, derserves the 2nd slot.

1)Style- Well this one is my favorite on her album, it's such cool funky upbeat song. ♡♡♡