Wednesday, 6 August 2014

What is Success?

I week ago we had a discussion on success, what does succes means to you? It seemed quite vague and I got some pretty weird answers. Someone said "Money", "Becoming a doctor", "Satisfaction", "Proving someone wrong". However when it came to me I was blank, I didn't know the meaning of success.
Hence, I did some research on success and this what I can across. Literally, success is defined as-
  * 1.the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
2)the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals.

Yet I still wasn't sure of the meaning.
I did some more research and eventually found that, the answer was in front of me.
A smile. A smile because of me.
Making people smile, thats what I want to do in my life.Becoming the reason behind that smile. Hearing a genuine "thank you", knowing that I left some impression in someone's life. This all might seem cliche to you, but trust me it's not.
Yesterday I was talking to my friend from old school. She said she missed, however I replied its stupid to miss people now, its done, gone, memories needs to be cherished and all that crap.( She copied my words as her status, woah!). But to my surprise she told me this, "Sammy just because you're gone doesn't mean that I can't miss you, you said never to be bothered by anyone and believe in myself, well I do now! Thank you because of you I can finally think myself as "something"."
But in the end it was me who was smiling. I was glad I did something for which someone "remembers me".
This is what I want to do now. I dont have any proffessional goals yet but  I want to get into med school, because that will make my parents smile. I want to do something for them.
I want to do something and in return people's smiles will be my token of content.
Thats success for me.