Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Fault in our Stars: Why I hate it?

so while writing this post I'm crying, why I'm crying?
I just finished watching "the Fault in our Stars". And I'm speechless right now, I can't even put my words on this blog, why they do this to us?
THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, the only fiction book which has made me cry, but now the third movie too which has made my eyes shed liters.
Spoilers ahead- read at your own risk
He wasn't supposed to die goddammit! They were supposed to be together' they were supposed to have an infinity. He taught her to live, He taught her how to see this world with a new light' he was supposed to be with her "always". They were star-crossed lovers after all right?
Augustus Waters, not like any other person, he not only lives but LIVES actually. " I'm thankful for little infinity"? ASDFGHJKL
*sobs* they were supposed to be together for heaven's sake!!!!!!!
John Green fuck you!
now just like Hazel, I wanna ask you too. What happens to Hazel after he dies? Does she start a support group like Patrick? gets married to Issac? dies at 25? publishes her novels? or just lives because Gus would've wanted that, because that's what Jack told to Rose.
John Green you owe me some answers! Or else I'll curse you like Peter van Houten.
A girl whose life got destroyed by stupid book.
and Augustus Waters' other lover.

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  1. Phew. For a second I thought this post would be full of ranting about how TFIOS is too mainstream.
    But it's not and I totally understand because I know that wasn't supposed to happen too :'( :'( Idk what happens after but I honestly don't want to know because Gus is gone :'(
    Haha love the reference to Jack and Rose. Another of my fave couples <3
    You have a new follower!

    The Life of Little Me