Monday, 6 April 2015

My 'it' girl: part 2

Sorry Ashi and everyone, that it took me a lot to write this, but here it is.

A few months ago I submitted an article to my school magazine editor called the 'The Prosody of Little Things' It's about how we fail to notice the little things around us, and when your school magazine editor asks you to submit an article, out of the blue, you just turn the essensce of those feelings in to words.
Hence, here I wan't to submit another article to my editor, It's not about the little things that we fail to notice, but the much bigger things that we fail to appreciate.
One of the other big things, is my friend Ashima Khanna. Why she is a big thing? I'll tell you why.

Ever heard about those people, who doesn't need to climb up a ladder to stand up away from the crowd, who doesn't need to take take a diffrent route yet still make the route diffrent. Well she's a four leaved clover in a grass feild.
We are very diffrent personalities, apart from music choice, if you exclude her loathe for taylor swift, we have nothing in common. She is a very strong girl, just say whatever she wants, discusses sexuality openly and some people adore her for this boldness. She has problems in the boyzone and maths, but well I can't blame her for this.
She is our magazine editor, hence the written ode to her. I can't say anything else because frankly if I start I would never stop.
I just hope I would always be friends with this alpha female, homie, kurt cobain lover, a potential philosophy major student, my journalist, cosmetic chemist, chemistry hater, and yeah just Ashima :)

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